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I'm a Black gay-as-fuck feminist pervert of color with a passion for alternative sexuality and getting my rocks off. I am an aggressive optimist and laughter is a part of my process.

I'm an extrovert who genuinely enjoys meeting new people for engaging, filthy conversations but I want to know we have something in common beside mutual horniess. I'm primarily attracted to intelligence and my biggest turn on is dirty talk. I'm a bootysexual which means I don't care what your front parts look like because I'm probably checking out your ass.

I'm living kinky as fuck in Casa De Awesome, Baltimore MD. My brain is definitely NOT safe for work. I'm really bad at Tumblr communication so just email me or something because I'm great online but the live show is worth the trip.

Petition to stop Black memes.


Black people.  Stop it.  Find a new mode of expression because I am tired of all y’alls grainy Instagram memes all over social media.  I have so many grievances.

  • Kermit cannot physically drink any more tea.
  • You don’t need memes to tell the world how much you love your kids.  Get off the internet and play Candyland with them or something.
  • I just saw the episode of Love & Hip Hop too.  I don’t need 12 memes to summarize the whole show five minutes later.  Ditto for Scandal and Real Housewives of Atlanta.
  • Upgrade your technology.  There is no reason for a meme to be created on Monday and be grainy and unreadable on Wednesday. Are you reposting these pictures with a potato?  Please do better.
  • Olivia Huxtable did not live through divorced parents, get dragged all over Africa, and finally shipped off to Singapore so y’all could layer basic bitch tenets all over her pre-kindergarten face.
    image ^^^ What does that even mean????  Can someone please explain?  Or ask a cousin who has her nails shaped into talons and a fresh weave every Tuesday, because I feel like she knows.

That’s enough.

Please stop though, forreal.  Madame CJ Walker did not spend her whole life becoming a millioniare by burning off peoples’ edges just so y’all could be THIS terrible at Internetting.